The simple reasons you DO need walk

Nowadays a lot of people suffer because of their sedentary lifestyle , although tiny 15-20 minutes of everyday walking are able to heal us from this XXI century curse. Depression,unprincipled mood, apathy – things you can avoid just walking nearby streets.

But what is the way to make yourself to go out if you haven’t got used to it? Don’t worry, there’s some facts that will convince YOU DO REALLY NEED WALK.


Walking – is there something easier? All you have to do is to walk out you apartments and move, move the way you want! It’s hard to believe but for many ones it is kind of a difficult trial. There are people who just can’t pass a cafe or other cozy restaraunt, they spend
2 or 3 hours drinking coffee or even eating, after that they take a cab and go back to home. It’s really sad, cause simple walking can give us so much…

Cheerfulness and “New start” feeling

Edinburgh University researches assert, that walking green zones in the city or in the forest relieve lassitude and help to reduce the stress on the brain, while spending your time with the sunshine relieve stress feelings and raises up your productivity.

Try to remember the last time you walked out the street. Does anybody want to say that is possible to stay exhausted after walking if you have slept enough and ain’t ill? As for me, after simple walking it’s more times easier to make yourself to do something you’re ought to do, doesn’t matter what it is.

Relief: you know that while you’re in the closed room or any other placement you ain’t distracted on different stimuli and you are getting drown deep in your own problems. On the fresh air there are a lot of different events, people, animals you can pay your attantion at and feel yourself more free.

I want to share my own experience with you. Usually when i have a lot of different problems in my life that seem to be never solved, i take my player and go walking my city. When i get my home after this i always find interesting solutions and i’m always in a good mood.

Concentration and the power of will

As you know, our concentration and the power of will ain’t endless resources and especially by the end of the hard-wortking day you feel you’ve almost lost them.

Beleive me, if you go walking every time you will be putting your hand on the mouse to click to check your e-mail or Faceboo, you will feel absolutely opposite feelings.

After walking you will have more energy and desire to work, you thoughts will be much clearer and it’s going to be much easire to concentrate after a brake.

More creative energy

Research of Jeffrey Sanches-Berks and Santay Kim from the University of Michigan prooved, that walking rises up an ability for creative mind.

Actually there were five researches in which 400 students took part. In one experiment was the comparement. They compared abilities to make choice in the different conditions: 1) Sitting in the closed room 2) Walking the marked way 3) Walking the free way.

In the last one the students were more flexible and original in sovling problems. Interesting thing that this experiment also proved the expression “to thing big – move out your limits”

Nicshe in his book “Ecce Homo” wrote: “Never trust the thought that was not born on the fresh air. Sedentary life is the veritable sin.”

How to organize it

It may seem that you have no time for walking but remember! – you need only 200 minutes for it.

You can “walk it” any time you want – the dinner brake, before you go to sleep, after waking up. For example you can go to the farther bus stop.

While morning walking you can just let your feeling and thought to fly or you can make a goal before the walking and while the process try to solve it. You can do it while your evening walking too.

The time and diversity

You can choose any time you want. For example, many people prefer to walk the time closer to the night. Sure, they don’t get all that use of the sunlight but they do relax: no cars, no people and fresh night air. What can be better?

Someone likes to walk just after their work.

Well, so if you don’t really want to spend your free time walking the street – try another time. Maybe it’s exactly that reason. Devil in the details.

As for your route. I’d advise you to prefer parks and different natures zones, even chronical street is relieved much better in such zones.

But for the people that live far from such zones i have a consolation: the level of creative mind doesn’t depend on the route.

Statford University research showed that for solving creative tasks it’s more usuful to walk but to sit. While walking the level of creative mind is getting better on the 60%.

Well, as you see, YOU DO REALLY NEED WALKINGS, so it’s high time to live your computer and walk out.

Good luck.

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