40 genius travel tips that will make your trips easier and cheaper

Top travel tips:

  1. Use a new incognito window when booking flights or hotels online.ch_wide_bankimoon-20130401172350722846-620x349

   Booking sites often track your visits and can raise the price just because you’ve already visited it.

    1. Keep charges and other cables inside a glasses case.1

  1. Use straws to carry necessary travel amounts of cosmetics.3
  2. Put antistatic tissue at the bottom of a suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.4
  3. Use a spring from an old pen to protect charges from undesirable twisting and damage.5
  4. Avoid the long lines to airport bathrooms.6

This advice may seem to be common but the first bathroom in the terminal is the most crowded. Use another one to avoid lines and save precious time.

  1. A paper clip may help to protect shaving razor blades.7
  2. If you forget your charger you can charge devices through the USB point on the TV.8
  3. Roll up clothes instead of folding: it decently reduces the amount of baggage.9
  4. If you have clothes that need to be folded neatly use tissue paper to keep your clothes from crumpling.10
  5. Use a pill container to keep jewelry.11
  6. Scan all important documents before travelling.12

     You will have a copy of passport, identification card, flight information which is easy to find on your Smartphone or Tablet in case of theft or loss.

  1. Speed up custom examination.13

Put all small staff like wallets, keys and phones into your bag before placing it on the conveyor belt. You don’t need to separate this staff thus you’ll safe your time.

  1. Put your soap and body scrubber into zip lock pouch.14
  2. A bathing cap is a good way to cover the bottoms of shoes.15
  3. Use airplane mode on your Smartphone to save battery and charge it faster.16
  4. Wind your headphones around a paper clip to not make them twisted.17
  5. Keep hair pins and hair clips with Tic Tac container.18
  6. Put a belt inside of shirt collar to not make it crumple.19
  7. Sit near the wing of the plane for the least turbulence.20

The seats next to a wing of a plane usually have the least amount of bounce when flying due to design features.

  1. Keep travel containers and refill them, instead of buying new every time.21
  2. You can have access to Google Maps offline through typing “Ok Maps”.22
  3. Try to pack all your staff into your carry on.23

Vacuum package can save amount of space in your carry on, what makes luggage checking discarded.

  1. Instead of buying a bottle of water at the airport bring empty one with you and fill it up after security check. 24
  2. Booking flights for two people get the aisle and window seats.25

If the middle seat will stay free you’ll get a full row, if isn’t ask that passenger to swap with you, so you can sit next to your travel partner.

  1. Pack your suit coats inside out to keep them clean and avoid crumpling. 26
  2. Buy your flight tickets on Tuesday after 3 p.m.27

Usually many airlines make discount at this time to compete with budget companies like Southwest and JetBlue. If you want to save your money this is the time to buy.

  1. Keep your luggage from being spilled.28

Cap off bottles, cover their tops with a cling film and cap them on. Thus you’ll prevent any flows.

  1. The best time for using the airplane bathroom.29

The best time to use the restroom is right after holding-on and 15-20 min before landing, as far as most airlines banned lines to the restroom during the flight.

  1. The Wi-Fi password for many establishments is available at the comment section of FourSquare. 30
  2. Use the GPS when travelling abroad.31

Download the Google Map at the hotel before going out in case the map isn’t set up on your Smartphone. You can easy use the GPS without connecting to the internet and using a flight mode regime.

  1. If you forgot your cell phone charger at home get a free one.32

Forgot your charger? It’s often to find on the hotel’s front desk a box full of charges left by previous guests.

  1. Skip the line at the baggage claim.33

Tip: Mark your baggage with a fragile label, even if it’s not, to carry it gentle by airport staff. Also they put this baggage on the top of another and it comes first at the baggage claim.

  1. Save your time to pack in.34

When you leave in a hurry hanging organizers which are already packed can make packing much easier.

  1. Delete other tourists from your travel photos. 35
  2. Use Cash Machines instead of currency exchanges for saving your money.36

Many Cash Machines will offer much lower rates then you can get at currency exchanges.

  1. Get free Wi-Fi at the airport.37

When you are at the airport add “?.jpg” to any URL address to get free Wi-Fi without ridiculously high prices. Also you can get free Wi-Fi through the wall next to waiting room.

  1. Be the hero and the savior for the others travelling with personal power strip.38
  2. Send yourself postcards from each day of journey to treat yourself.39

What a pleaser to come back home and feel unforgettable impression once again.

  1. On your last day in foreign country, collect all the small money and give it to homeless. 40

And most importantly… keep travelling!

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